Sunday, October 25, 2009

I shop.

Med School interviews are coming up, so I needed to buy a suit. I didn't feel like spending too much money, but a good-fitting suit is hard to come across. I was complaining to my mom, and she agreed to pay for it. So... that meant that I was going to buy a black wool suit from Banana Republic in size 4-6P. I went into the store, told the lady exactly that. I kind of wanted to get both a skirt and pants to go with the suit top, but I didn't want my mom paying like $500 for the suit.

Good suits fit so well! And look so professional! Who would have thought?

Both the skirt and the pants looked amazing with the suit top (and changed the look completely with the blazer). I was thinking of opening a BR card just to get the customary 15% off your first purchase. Turns out, they were giving a 25% off to all gap/BR card members today. So-the total for a (almost*) perfectly fitting suit blazer, suit pants, and skirt was $280. Not shabby, I'd say. :)

*I'm short. Most suit tops, pants, etc. do NOT fit AT ALL. The only problem with the ensemble was the sleeves of the blazer was like a centimeter too long. I think I'll get that done at the tailors. It'll probably be $20, so the total for the suit is $300. Still-not too bad for suit top, skirt, and pants that fit PERFECTLY (cuz that never happens for me). And since it's good quality stuff, hopefully, I will be wearing it for long (as long as my waist doesn't blow up randomly.)