Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few things

1. I did strength training yesterday. Some of that stuff was crazy! I was working 3 muscle groups at the same time. At the time, I felt like I was dying, but today, surprisingly, I'm kind of sore, but not as sore as I have been before. Today: run 20-25 minutes.

2. My Mac is so smart. I didn't have download an extra driver for the HP printer I own. It already knew what I was talking about. :) It let me scan & everything.

3. Toto, we're not in Boston anymore. The other day, I was driving around town & this car in front of me had a HUGE bumper sticker (the kind that takes up the entire backside of your hatchback car) that said "Abortion is Murder! If you feel guilty or need help, call XXX-XXXX."

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I've been aiming for a better life in many ways. I think the best way to succeed in this is by documenting my journey. Hopefully, I will be able to go back one day and be proud of my accomplishments.

Here goes:

1. I hope to be healthy. I want to be able to run, jump, and skip with my great grandkids--no joke. I am not overweight. Since 10th grade, every time I've been to the physician, I have logged in at the same weight: 128 lbs. (Yes, I am documenting that because I want to be able to show numbers that reveal my progress.) My weight has gone up and down quite a few times. Still, every time I go to the doctor's office, I seem to be at the same weight.

This is the first time my physician told me to do something about it. At 5'1", my BMI is barely in the healthy range. She told me to lose 10 lbs., and keep it off. I want to exceed that: I want to lose 16 lbs. Is that too much? 

Beyond the weight loss, a goal of mine for a long time has been to run a marathon--specifically the Boston Marathon. I've just never done much about it. I hope to change that now.

2. I don't want to be in debt. I used to think I had 0 debt (about 2 months ago). Then, all of a sudden, I've graduated, so my college loans are there everywhere I go. My parents also convinced me to buy a 2009 Toyota Camry. Once I saw the car, they didn't have to do too much convincing, and I got a great interest rate. That huge amount of debt has made me feel really oppressed lately, though. Knowing I have a grad students salary & that I have to pay for car payments & car insurance on top of my previous expenses kills me. Luckily, I'm going to med school, so I can technically have my college loans deferred. My dad has said that he will pay for my entire undergraduate education. I'll be on him to make sure my college loans are being payed off while they're being deferred. Once I finish these car payments, though, I will probably chip in on those college loans because I want to eventually have an excellent FICO score for a home mortgage. That leads me to Goal #3.

3. I want to pay for my wedding and house outright. The wedding thing sounds doable. The average American wedding costs $28,000. I want to have a simpler wedding (I say this now, and hopefully, I will stick to it), and I don't want to go into debt because of it. Again, my parents are pushing me to a really lavish excessive wedding that they're claiming they will pay for. By the time I get married (to whomever I marry), my parents will probably be on the edge of retiring, if not retired. There is no way they will be able to pay for the wedding they're dreaming for me. I'm not going to be willing to pay for that wedding either because I want to save up for my house.

As for my house, that will take a while. On one of the blogs I've been following, someone saved up to pay for their house outright. I know that sounds ludicrous, but when I started thinking about it--it sounded smart. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars in interest, when you could pay a lot less for the house outright? This only works if the rent I am paying over the X years it takes to save the money totals to be cheaper than the interest paid later. That will require quite a few calculations, but I want to do it. This will also require quite a bit of frugality.

As many of you may know, I'm an avid knitter. I think I knit too much, so hopefully, some of these goals will help me. Instead of knitting for 3 hours/night, I'll try exercising for one hour & knitting for 2. Instead of buying more yarn, I'll put the money towards my wedding/house. Anytime an unexpected amount of cash comes my way, I will put it towards me debt. Hopefully, unexpected cash will exceed unexpected expenses.

For this week, my aim is this:
1. I will not buy yarn (I haven't bought yarn since March 20th, so hopefully, this will be not too hard to do.)
2. I will exercise at least 4 times this upcoming week.
3. I will spend money only on groceries & gas (and no buying junkie junk food @ the grocery store.)

Wish me luck. :)