Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FO: Camilla Babe

I'm in the midst of exams, so I'm a little stressed, but...

More cutie-patootie FO's to show (off)! Ever since I've seen the Camilla pullover, I've loved it. I didn't think it really showed off a woman's figure in a flattering way, though. Most adult FO's seemed to be very loose and baggy, and that wasn't quite the look I wanted if I were to make this sweater for myself.

Then, I saw the camilla babe pattern, and I immediately queued it. I had originally intended to make the Castle Pullover with this yarn (that's why I bought it), but however much I tried, I could not get gauge. I was either way too small & dense or way too baggy and loose. The yarn was destined to become something else.

When I was looking for a quick baby knit in my queue during exam times, I cam across the camilla babe once again, and thought that the Lark that I owned was perfect. The pink was perfect for a baby, and I definitely had enough yarn to make one, if not 2.

I love the pattern that comes down the middle. It's a little lumpy-bumpy, but it's so simple and chic (especially for baby clothes!)

I hope I am able to find the perfect baby to give it to. It's girly without being too precious, and it's for those 12 month old terrible one/two-year olds who wear pretty bows in their hair and dump all the spaghetti with marinara sauce on the floor. Absolutely perfect, don't you think?

For a quick update on my life:
1. Exams! Two down, two to go.
2. Going home for the holidays! We're going to drive down, and we'll try doing it in 1 day. That shall be interesting. My sewing machine is coming with me, though!
3. Friday is going to fun! Exams will be over, and I have lunch with the girls, a surprise birthday party for the boy (he doesn't read, no worries), and going out at night to celebrate the end of finals! I'd love to wear my completed Sorbette for the 1st two events.
4. Speaking of which, too many sewing projects on the needle? I have the Pendrell blouse top that I need to finish fitting, a Sorbette top that needs the finished bindings, a jersey top that needs to be finished, and a dress that I made the muslin for and did all the fitting for, but I just now need to make. Oh, and add the twin-sized quilt, baby quilt, and cloth napkins for the Christmas dinner settings--I've got plenty on my plate. ;o)

Anyway, here are the stats of camilla babe.

Pattern: camilla babe by Carrie Bostick Hoge (Ravelled here.)
Yarn: Quince and Co. Lark in Dogwood, 3 skeins. 
Made for: ??? No idea.
Size: 12 months.
Needle: US 7 (4.5 mm)
Mods: None.
Dates: 11.09.11-11.12.11
Cost: $16.50 USD
Notes: Cute cute cute.

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  1. what an adorable baby sweater!! I agree, the adult version isn't my speed, but the baby one is too cute.