Friday, January 20, 2012

FO: Pendrell Blouse

I'm back! That was a bit of a longer hiatus than expected. My apologies! I do have several updates to show you guys. Before I get to my winter holidays, I will show you guys an FO I finished. 

This Pendrell Blouse was originally intended for me. I cut a size 14, according to the measurements. I realized that I actually completely got the measurements wrong (I have no idea how. I definitely put a tape measure up to my bust.) The blouse was really nice, but I ended up needing to take in quite a bit from the sides to make the top work for me. Sam called it my "Barbara Bush blouse" because he thought it made me look like an octogenarian, especially the former first lady. The sleeves really looked horrible on me. I definitely had old lady syndrome in this blouse--which I tend to favor anyway, but even I had to admit it when wearing this.

I brought it home in the hopes that I'd have the time to make the blouse fit. I thought it would look spectacular under my white coat when I go to see patients, especially since several of my tops have been giving me trouble lately.

My mom eyed it and said it looked like her size, so she tried it on. Voila! This blouse was totally made for her. The fit is just right on her. The sleeves flatter her shape, and she needed a slightly dressier top for fancier occasions.

I love how my mom styled it. She was in her PJ's, and I insisted she change into the blouse so I could take pictures of her outside. Within 5 minutes, my mom had lipstick on, her hair fixed, and perfectly contrasting jewelry! I wish I could be as put together as my mom. The vibrant red shows of the vibrant blue perfectly. My mom is so smiley in all of the pictures, too! You wouldn't be able to tell it was about 50 degF in these pictures! (She lives in a climate that is 60 degF at its coldest.)


She would also probably want everyone to admire her roses in the background.

Pattern: Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic, View A
Fabric: 1.75 yds Blue polyester charmeuse from JoAnn's Fabrics.
Notions: none
Time to complete: ?
Made for: Mom!
Size: 14
Mods: none
Cost: ~$9, on sale


  1. This is beautiful and your mum really knew how to add just those complementary pops of colour!