Sunday, January 30, 2011

FO: Cable Rib Socks

My brother had requested some socks, as I had previously mentioned. I'm done with them! I think these count better as January socks for the sock-of-the-month club, since I started and finished them in January. I'll probably send them to him as part of a finals care package. His finals for his 2nd trimester will be mid-end of February. It'll still be bitter cold in Michigan, so he'll still be able to get plenty of wear from them.

Yarn: Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Ash Tweed (color 24341, lot 40764). This yarn is now called Stroll Tweed. I used 337.3 yards (1.46 skeins)
Made for: The Brother
Size: Big
Needle: US 2 (2.75 mm)
Mods: Knit 7 repeats of the pattern for the leg. Didn't change needle sizes. Knit 7 repeats of the pattern for the foot.
Dates: 01.12.11-01.24.11
Notes: I really hope this fits my brother. I'm getting a little nervous about its fit. It seems like it'll be a bit tight/short. We'll see.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hand Warmers

I can't believe it's already been a week since my last weekly update. I guess I have knit a lot since then, but this week went by so fast! I'm not sure if I'll update next week. If I am updating next week, that means I'm not being a good little medical school student and studying for exams. In fact, I probably shouldn't be updating this post right now anyway, but I wanted to take a break (from knitting).

So what's on the needles? Well, err, a lot of stuff. What I actually knit this week? That's a different, more plausible question.

I have no idea why I started this. I really felt like starting something. One of my friends on Ravelry had recently finished a pair of these. I had bought the pattern a while ago. I searched my stash for something suitable. Voila! I'm almost done! These Woodruffs actually fit, too! I usually get lazy to swatch for accessories. I figure they'll usually fit someone. I probably should swatch, though, because I often get disappointed with the fit. These babies fit me just fine. I guess I'll keep 'em for myself. :)

Ahh. The Print O' the Wave stole. I've been working on this sucker for a while now. I've finished 15 of the 17 repeats on the 1st 1/2 of the body of the stole. (That was a mouthful.) My goal was to finish 4 lace shawls this year. I kinda wanted to start of the year doing ~ 1/month. I know that doesn't balance appropriately, but it allows me to get distracted later, if I want to. 

This was another startitis project. I was perusing Ravelry (as always), and I loved the GAP-tastic cowl pattern. I didn't think this yarn was going to work well. I'm still not sure, but I would love to have this yarn out of my stash. Even though it's a super bulky yarn, I've been holding it doubled. It works better with the size 13 needles. That way, all of the yarn will truly leave the stash. Woohoo!

This Cable Blanket definitely needs a good slog. The cables are gorgeous. I think when I first started knitting this, it seemed like too much thinking to go into the needing. I was really stressed at the time, and just needed some good old stockinette or garter. In fact, the Tweed Blanket was what fit the bill perfectly at the time. Now, though, this is one of the more brainless knits I'm working on.

I added a few more squares to my Sunny Spread. I'm trying to do about 1/day, but I've fallen behind 2 days. They're really fun to crochet, unlike the Star Blanket I was making. I think that was a yarn issue, though.

Finally, I've finished the front of Dr. G's Memory Vest. I got to the full length of the armholes before the neck decreases ended, so I fudged a bit there. I'll show close-ups of the fudge when I finish the project. I guess I have to finish the project, then.

Oh-and I got some buttons for my mom's Ringwood gloves. They look metallic, but they're really plastic (I was fooled & bought them without really feeling them.) They are beautiful, though. I guess it's good that they're metallic, because then they won't rust and they're lighter. Anyway, I should probably finish the second glove in order to get some nice pictures of the buttons. Off to knit! err, study!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

It's done! I finished it while watching the Steelers win on Sunday. I'm by no means a football fan, but football is a great time to knit. I can socialize with my friends who love football, and I get to knit & not have to stare at the TV the whole time. It's amazing. They decided on the tan buttons (I think a solid choice; the green wasn't the right shade), and they were really perplexed by how the sweater folded up. Once it was folded properly, they were really charmed, and loved the mitered-type design on the front. Elizabeth Zimmerman was truly a genius. 

I haven't given it a good blocking, but I was scared the colors may bleed, so I wanted to get some FO shots before-hand. 

Isn't the back handsome, too?

Yarn: Jojoland Melody Superwash in MS16, Knit Picks Risata in Woodland Sage (241224127), Malabrigo Yarn Sock in Indiecita, Plymouth Yarn Happy Choices in blue-green, Madelinetosh Sock in Cove and Ink
Needle: US 3 (3.25mm)
Mods: Knit I-cord cast-off (casting on provisionally for the I-cord), and picked up around neck to make I-cord (1 st per garter ridge and 1 st per st otherwise). Grafted neck band with border I-cord. Perfectly unclear, I know.

I knit the stripes pretty randomly. Most were knit for 3 garter ridges; some for 1 ridge, and some for 4 ridges. I tried to put colors next to each other so they transitioned well. The Jojoland and the Knit Picks seemed like exactly the same color, so I tried not to put those colors together.

Dates: 01.21.11-01.23.11 (Knitting was completed in 1 day; Sewing up required a day's break.)
Notes: Elizabeth Zimmerman bases everything on gauge. Since I didn't have a baby in mind when I knit this, I just forged with what seemed like the most common needle size to use when using sock yarn.

Leaving you with a cute picture of Mr. Beer wearing the sweater.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Everything I wanted to say today seemed like it was getting too lengthy. I divided my thoughts into 2 posts. Here's what I've knit this week:

Those Cable Rib Socks are trucking along. I'm getting really bored of them, but they're so close to the finish line! I hope I have an FO post of this sometime soon.

Another thing I realized has helped me cold-sheep is that I don't limit my actual knitting. I knit whatever I want, whenever I want. I know this means I have major startitis, but whenever I want to buy new yarn, I just cast on instead. So, that means this was the only thing from last week that I continued knitting. That also means I knit a lot of new things.

First off, Dr. G's Memory Vest for the dad.

I'm using some Paton's wool that had been in my stash for a while. At first, I was really hesitant about the color choice. The color is a little bluer than showing in the picture. It's definitely grown on me as a good color for my dad. He's gained weight around the middle, so I had to knit a large. I'm still unsure if I want to make the back entirely cabled or just plain stockinette stitch (that's why I knit the front first). This has knitted up in a storm. I did most of that knitting in a day. The pattern is really easily memorizable, but the effect is stunning. This is such easy cabling compared to what I had been doing recently. Aran requires line-by-line looking. The Dryads had cabling that became memorizable, but then still required glancing at the charts once in a while. Even Cable Rib Socks have a weird(er) cable! I should just finish this up and not get distracted.

I was perusing some old books I had (mostly given by the dear Carlitos), and I found this Lace Socks pattern in Family Knits. I had Pure Cashmere in my stash. It was a long long long ago purchase (2007?), and I coveted it so much--100% cashmere! I never wanted to use it. In fact, I bought more. It was so cheap! Of course, it had been discontinued, so it was cheap. I never really found a project to go well with it (except Fetching, but I didn't want to make Fetching with my "coveted" cashmere. I may rethink that idea.) However, these socks seemed perfect for the gray--it called for 5 skeins, and I had 5 skeins. The gray was a nice neutral, and it seemed like it would go fast. If the deliciousness didn't fit my feet, they'd fit my mom's. One of us would be bound to love lounging in the house during the winter with this smooshy, soft goodness on our feet. Here it is now:

I quickly got distracted though, because I began perusing The Opinionated Knitter, once again. All of this cold-sheeping has made me think about where I end up in my stash level. I want to knit on the spur of the moment, but I don't want to feel burdened by my yarn. I also want to have yarn to play with. However, I've started accumulating lots of scraps. I have a whole small box of scraps now (organized by non-sock-weight, sock-weight blues, and sock-weight pinks.) I realized, I wanted to knit something with those scraps.

Here's what I ended up with. Most of the scraps weren't even documented as leftovers on Ravelry, but I'm sure I had substantial amounts of these yarns. Can you guess what it is? All the knitting is done (except for a small i-cord trim). I just need 2 seams and buttons...

Which set of buttons should I choose? The top, middle, or bottom ones? Yes-I'm ghetto, and I don't have a complete set of black/navy, so I would have to alternate black & navy. I'd also prefer to use the buttons in my stash. I like these simple ones, but I wish they didn't have a glassy feel. When I'm done, this will be a great project. I'll have used up lots of things that weren't even counted as stash, but I'm sure a beautiful FO will emerge.

Finally, finishing all of the knitting for that blob up there made me look at more stash. My aunt is pregnant (the 8th pregnancy I've known since last year.) I've loved the Sunny Spread since Grumperina blogged about it, and decided I wanted to use Queensland Hyacinth.

I'm usually not a hooker, but this project has me changing my mind. ;o)

Deal to Myself

I've been cold-sheeping for over 3 months now, and my goal is at least one year. I'm 1/4 of the way, and it's gotten me thinking of how I should ease off the sheep when I do. I feel like if I'm given free reign, I'll go buckwild, once again. I've been reading a lot of cold sheeping forums on Ravelry, and it has gotten me thinking. Unfortunately, I feel most of the cold-sheeping forums end up being enabling instead. However, some people on some of the forums have been doing it for several years, and they are really inspirational.

I read somewhere on one of these forums that someone was paying themselves for every skein of yarn they knit. After they had knit so much, they allowed themselves to use the money they had saved on yarn. I've heard of that idea, but I never found a specification that I liked. Then, I started thinking about it: since I count my cold-sheeping by the yard, maybe I should pay myself by the yard. I started cold-sheeping because I was in a financial crunch (all of my savings essentially needed to be depleted in order to avoid a 22% interest rate. No I didn't charge that much to a credit card.) I think I'm starting to finally start building up my savings again (in very baby steps). So, saving a little to the side for knitting expenses would help me both with my cold-sheeping and my financial goals.

I've decided to save 1 cent for every yard I use up. My goal to reach 20,110 yards at the end of the year would mean I would save $201.10 at the end of the year. Whatever amount I have saved up, I am allowed to spend on knitting-related items (books, patterns, yarns, accessories). The only think I don't count is knitting needles--sometimes I genuinely lose a set of needles (or airport security takes them away from me.) 

Today, I knit 99 yards, and I promptly deposited $0.99 into my "Knitting" savings account at ING Direct. I actually put in money for all the yardage I have knit since I started cold-sheeping, as extra incentive. I love ING, because (1) it's really convenient; (2) 1.1% interest is not bad--not the best, but not bad; (3) it's really fast to make separate little savings accounts for all the goals I have; (4) it takes a few days for money to transfer from my checking to savings & vice versa, so I can't get instant gratification purchases. Ramit Sethi got me into automating my finances (and personal finance, in general), and these two blog posts helped.

Anyway, I feel like I should have a picture at the end of this rambling, so:

I made zucchini bread!(I used the Better Homes & Gardens version, which didn't include the lemon peel.) Last week, I tried banana bread, which was really successful. It tasted exactly like what it should taste like. This time, eh. The batter was really thick. I double-checked the recipe, and I included everyting it listed. I felt like it needed milk or something. Anyway, I forged ahead, and the resulting cake is eh. It smells like cooked vegetables, haha.

Here's the cake, wrapped, ready to cool overnight. I'm bringing it to the game day get-together tomorrow. I know I can't eat this by myself. The banana cake was a different story.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I found out that I had 2 skeins unaccounted for in my stash. So frustrating! I have a feeling that I actually have quite a bit more in my stash still unaccounted, but we'll cross those bridges when we get there. I kind of wanted to get down to 60,000 yards in my stash at the end of the year, but it's looking more like I should be satisfied with knitting 20,110 yards over the year. So here's the current totals:

Starting Yardage (10.16.10): 82,379.5
Current Yardage (01.17.11): 79,741.8
Yardage Used Since Beginning Cold-Sheep: 3848.7
Yardage Found: 765 + 446 = 1211
Percentage of Stash Knit: 3.20%

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I've been knitting maybe a little too much recently, but I'm never one to care. Last Saturday night, I finished the Gail shawl. While it was blocking, I worked more on the Aran blanket. It's starting to look like something, but I've got a looong way to go. It takes so long to finish each row! If I finished each skein faster, maybe it would feel better-but it takes forever to finish a skein. Anyway, I'm making some progress.

That progress got halted when on a whim, I decided I wanted to make the Ringwood gloves. I don't know what got into me, but I still had enough yarn from leftovers (Textured Shawl and Frost Flowers Cowl). I made this one glove in about one day, with more than enough yarn to spare (I used about 0.6 of a skein--my leftover estimates were from back in the day before I had a kitchen scale.) This glove is a little on the big side, so it may go to my mom. My friend, Tamara, suggested I use silver buttons for the cuff. That will be very cute. 

However, I didn't even cast on for the second glove because of a phone call with my brother. He was telling me about how much he loved the hat that I made him for Christmas. His friends wanted some hats, too. I'm not so sure about that, but then my brother asked for some socks. In gray. I had JUST mentioned that I'm getting through that original Knit Picks sock order I had made, and two pairs were not lined up to be knit this year. Well, one of those skeins was a tweedy gray. Appropriate for a man, except for one thing: the tweedy bits are in primary colors. The red, blue, and yellow always threw me off a bit (okay, a lot.) I was going to make Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Earl Grey Socks with these for a long time. I saw that a lot of people had made that pattern with this exact yarn, but I didn't like the tweed in the plain stockinette stitch. I did find that when the knitting was ribbed, it hid the flecks more. I think my brother is more likely to wear these the way they are now. I just hope they are long enough to fit him. I used a larger needle size, as the pattern suggested, and made the foot about 3 inches longer than mine. I had the same amount of yarn left over as I usually do when I knit for myself, so I'm kind of scared. I could have made the cuff longer. I've learned for next time.

Anyway, I'm doing these little accessories to maybe feel better about accomplishing projects. I really want to update my yardage total soon though, so I can feel the progression. Tomorrow officially marks 3 months of cold sheeping! I have knit a lot in these few months, but I kind of wanted one or two bigger projects completed. That's alright. The yarn's being knitted up!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FO: Gail

Pattern: Gail by Jane Araujo 
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk in Melon, 0.91 skeins
Needle: US 6 (4.0 mm)
Mods: 7 repeats of leaf motif, vertically
Dates: 01.03.11 - 01.09.11
Notes: This pattern was very difficult to understand. I didn't take the time to read all the notes others had written about it before diving in (it was an impulse knit.) It turned out beautifully, though.

I finished up while watching both the Saints and the Colts lose. I'm not a football fan, by any means, but having a pretty FO made me happy.

I love how different lace looks after being blocked. Here are some cursory before and after pictures.



And I only had a teensy bit of yarn left at the end. I was scared, I wouldn't make it at first, but I had more than enough to breath with. I just wouldn't have been able to make it had I used the recommended US 7s (I knit loosely, and I wanted a slightly denser fabric, so I went down a size) or if I had tried another repeat.

Here's a link to my Gail. Overall, a success, I think.

FO: Faceted Rib Socks

The Faceted Rib Socks were the first finished objects of the year. These socks have lingered forever, though! I started these socks in September 2008 (according to Ravelry). I remember carefully choosing this yarn from Knit Picks. The Imagination line was brand new, and I wanted to try it all (debated amongst Frog Prince, Wicked Witch, and Evil Stepmother), but I decided to limit myself because the yarn was "expensive." It's funny how things change. I bought a 6-set of yarn in the same Knit Picks order at the time. I've only finished 3 pairs of socks from that set. One of the other sets is lined up to be one of the Socks of the Month this year.

Around the same time, I bought The Little Box of Socks from Knit Picks (I remember spending a couple of hundred dollars from Knit Picks in a period of a month or two. I'd like to say I have gotten better, but October 2010 reflected October 2008, times 10.) I hadn't knit much when I started these socks, but I realized that variegated yarns looked best in only special patterns. Now, I realize the slip-stitch usually works well with variegated yarns (especially after knitting the Pomatomus socks). The Little Box of Socks provided several patterns that seemed to work well for variegated yarns, and I decided on this little sucker.

I also started listening to Kelley Petkun on the Knit Picks podcast. (Can you tell I was Knit Picks obsessed?) She was raving about the Imagination line, and then mentioned she picked out a pattern to make socks--the Faceted Rib Socks, in fact! I was so excited to hear about her taste in socks, I really got into the mojo of making these socks. I think it took about a month to make the cuff (now, it will take a day or two.)

But, there was a problem. The cuff didn't seem like it was going to even go over my toes, let alone my feet. I fudged the needle size on the pattern, but I didn't realize that the slip-stitch would make the sock tighter and more inelastic. I kept knitting, and it kept looking like it wasn't going to fit. I knit on it at the subway stop. (I remember a woman was fascinated at how small the needles were. She thought I was 16 years old--I was 21 then, and I thought she was 32 or so--she was 23. Oops.) I worked on it very slowly, and it just languished...

... for years. This summer, I finally decided I wanted to do something about it. I had moved to another city for the summer, and in June 2010, I frogged and restarted with bigger needles. It was definitely better, but after knitting the first sock, and just the cuff of the second sock--I was bored. This project was languishing for so long, I decided to drop it in the Sock-of-the-Month club to force myself to finish it. Luckily, it was the first month's pick, and I had a long plane ride. These socks flew off the needles after the really long hiatus, and I'm proud to say, I've finished them! Finally!!

Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm) [Originally used US 0, 2.0mm]
Mods: None

2010: A Year in Review

Here are all the projects I've completed in 2010. Only one picture isn't included: the 2nd pair of Frankie Striped Socks I made. These projects are all documented on my ravelry project page. Let's hope 2011 is just as successful knitting-wise.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Knitting in 2011

I've been MIA for a while now. Med school started, and life has been very different. I've been trying to knit (sometimes probably doing that too much instead of cracking the books), but I've been finding less time for everything. I've been feeling overwhelmed with how much I want to knit, and am limited by my knitting rate. I just can't knit fast enough! I decided I should keep track of my progress in several ways.

  1. Tally my yardage totals each month (starting, ending, yards/project).
    Starting Yardage (10.16.10): 82,379.5
    Current Yardage (01.07.11): 80,153.9
    Yardage Used Since Beginning Cold-Sheep: 2990.6
    Yardage Found: 765
  2. Tally my skein total each month (I just like having this number).
    Starting Number of Skeins (01.07.11): 388.99
  3. Document my knitting progress in pictures weekly. Every Friday, I'll take a picture of the current status of the WIPs I worked on that week.

    I finished the faceted rib socks after a very long hiatus on the socks on January 2:

    I worked on this everlasting Wave Jumper. Hopefully, I will finish that in a non-embarassing amount of time. (These two projects have been OTN for about 2 years+.):

    I worked a bit more on the Aran Afghan I wanted to make. I still haven't finished one pattern repeat or a single skein of yarn (out of 15). It will be a stunner, though.

    The major project of this week was the Gail Shawl. I think I will finish this one up before the weekend is over. Pictures of WIPs are kinda fun, I guess!
  4. Have decent blog posts about my FOs. They deserve it.
  5. Maybe take a picture of my leftover stash every month. Here's the stash beginning in 2011. The white Wal-Mart bags in the front are my Personal Sock Club bags. I want to get rid of everything outside of those bins by the end of 2011.

According to Ravelry, I currently have 80,153 yards in my stash. (I found 765 yards of fingering weight at home in LA that I had given to my mom, but she wasn't using. I reclaimed it, but I also realized my yardage count went up.) When I committed to cold-sheeping for a year on October 16, 2010, my starting yardage was 82379.5. My goal was to get down to 80,000 by the beginning of 2011. I basically achieved that, except I found some more yarn. Oh well.

As for my overarching goals for 2011, I documented them on Ravelry. Here they are once again:

  1. Continue cold-sheeping until October 16, 2011 (one year of cold-sheeping).
  2. Knit 12 pairs of socks a la Personal Sock Club (the kits have already been made & I don't even remember what they all contain, so this will be a joy.)
  3. Knit 4 laceweight(ish) shawls. (I've had a couple in mind for a long time, but I refrained this year because of my sweater goals.)
  4. Knit > 20 skeins of fingering/lace weight yarn. (If I complete #2 & 3, hopefully, this will not be a a problem.)
  5. Knit 20,110 yards in 2011.

Knitting Recap of 2010

2010 was a productive knitting year. Once I get decent pictures of my FOs, I will make a collage of all of my FOs in 2010. I knit about 18,000-19,000 yards (exacts weren't recorded in enough detail). However, I did keep record of my goals for 2010 & their progress:

Goals for 2010:
1. Knit 12 sweaters. *7 adult sweaters and 2 baby sweaters completed.* I’m in med school. 
2. Knit 12 pairs of socks. *10 done.* Again, I’m in med school. 
3. Knit 4 scarves/shawls/blankets. 10 done. 
Her Scarf 
Hap Blanket 
Pine and Ivy 
Dryad Scarf 
Tweed Baby Blanket 
Dryad II 
Chromium Star Blanket
4. Knit 100 complete balls of yarn. 112 balls completed!!! Rules: A skein is not complete unless all that is left are scraps. If I really have no intention of making anything with the leftovers of a project, the ball is considered complete. Scraps for scrappy blankets/scarves are just that--scraps. Those balls have already been completed.
1 skein, Her Scarf, 1/4/10 
1 skein, Rosamund’s Cardigan, 1/11/10 
1 skein, Rosamund’s Cardigan, 1/12/10 
1 skein, Rosamund’s Cardigan, 1/14/10 
1 skein, Rosamund’s Cardigan, 1/15/10 
1 skein, Rosamund’s Cardigan, 1/16/10 
1 skein, Rosamund’s Cardigan, 1/17/10 
1 skein, Jewel, 1/20/10 
1 skein, Jewel, 1/21/10 
1 skein, Jewel, 1/23/10 
1 skein, Hap Blanket, 1/24/10 
1 skein, Jewel, 1/25/10 
1 skein, Jewel, 1/26/10 
1 skein, Berrocco Ultra Silk, unnamed project for Carlos, 1/27/10 
1 skein, Jewel, 1/28/10 
5 skeins, Jewel, 1/29/10 (finishing up the ends of balls) 
1 skein, Hap Blanket, 1/31/10 
1 skein, Jasmine, 2/4/10 
1 skein, Jasmine, 2/6/10 
1 skein, Jasmine, 2/7/10 
1 skein, Jasmine, 2/10/10 
1 skein, o w l s, 2/22/10 
1 skein, Minimalist Cardigan, 2/24/10 
1 skein, Minimalist Cardigan, 2/26/10 
1 skein, Minimalist Cardigan, 3/3/10 
1 skein, Arches, 3/9/10 
1 skein, Knitted Teddy, 3/11/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 3/13/10 
2 skeins, Berrocco Ultra Silk, unnamed project for Carlos, 3/15/10 
1 skein, Manu, 3/19/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 5/09/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 5/11/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 5/18/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 5/21/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 5/22/10 
1 skein, Girasole, 5/24/10 
1 skein, Hap Blanket, 5/24/10 
1 skein, Betty Lou Lace Cardigan, 6/5/10 
1 skein, Nine-to-Five Socks, 6/16/10 
1 skein, Hap Blanket, 6/19/10 
3 skeins, Hap Blanket, 6/20/10 
2 skeins, Hap Blanket, 6/21/10 
1 skein, Clapotis, 6/22/10 
1 skein, Zokni Socks, 7/2/10 
1 skein, Zokni Socks, 7/4/10 
1 skein, Faceted Rib Socks, 7/8/10 
1 skein, Manu, 7/9/10 
1 skein, Manu, 7/10/10 
1 skein, Manu, 7/13/10 
1 skein, Manu, 7/15/10 
1 skein, Manu, 7/17/10 
1 skein, Sprossling, 7/28/10 
2 skeins, Mosaic Hat, 8/4/10 
1 skein, French Quarter Socks, 8/9/10 
1 skein, Cable Sweater, 9/5/10 
1 skein, Cable Sweater, 9/8/10 
1 skein, Cable Sweater, 9/11/10 
1 skein, Little Sister’s Dress, 9/12/10 
1 skein, Little Sister’s Dress, 9/15/10 
1 skein, Cable Blanket, 9/17/10 
1 skein, Pine and Ivy, 9/25/10 
1 skein, Dryad, 10/2/10 
1 skein, Spring Forward, 10/6/10 
1 skein, Dryad, 10/10/10 
1 skein, Circle Socks, 10/12/10 
1 skein, Dryad, 10/14/10 
2 skeins, Tweed Baby Blanket, 10/16/10 
1 skein, Tweed Baby Blanket, 10/19/10 
1 skein, Dryad, 10/19/10 
1 skein, Steelers Hat, 10/23/10 
1 skein, Tweed Baby Blanket, 10/23/10 
2 skeins, Tweed Baby Blanket, 10/26/10 
2 skeins, Tweed Baby Blanket, 10/27/10 
1 skein, Gentleman’s Half Hose, 11/7/10 
1 skein, Chromium Star Blanket, 11/8/10 
4 skeins, Chromium Star Blanket, 11/12/10 
2 skeins, Chromium Star Blanket, 11/13/10 
2 skeins, Chromium Star Blanket, 11/14/10 
1 skein, Dryad II, 11/15/10 
1 skein, Dryad II, 11/18/10 
1 skein, Dryad II, 12/5/10 
1 skein, Dryad II, 12/8/10 
1 skein, Habitat, 12/10/10 
2 skeins, Thorpe, 12/13/10 
3 skeins, Thorpe II, 12/13/10 
1 skein, Koolhaas, 12/13/10 
3 skeins, Thorpe II, 12/14/10 
1 skein, Dryad II, 12/21/10 
1 skein, TTL Mystery Sock 2010, 12/27/10 
1 skein, Circle Socks, 12/30/10
Last yarn purchase: 
February 6, 2010. 
February 12, 2010. 
March 9, 2010. 
March 11, 2010. 
March 20,2010. 
July 7, 2010. 
July 9, 2010. 
July 13, 2010. 
August 10, 2010. 
August 18, 2010. 
September 26, 2010. 
October 2, 2010. 
October 4, 2010. 
October 6, 2010. 
October 12, 2010. 
October 14, 2010. 
October 15, 2010. 
October 16,2010.