Sunday, October 30, 2011

FO: Endpaper Mitts #1

One of those love-hate things: I'm done with the endpaper mitts! Yay! Of course, one turned out (MUCH) larger than the other (in my eyes). Sam could not perceive a difference (and guessed incorrectly as to which one was bigger.) Anyway, here's a bad picture, and I'm off to bed. It will block and I'll do a proper photo shoot at some point. Probably not soon...

Notice someone is studying. Ack. That's what I should be doing...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas Knitting List

Mostly for my own reference, here is my Christmas knitting (or buy a present-reminder) list. At least I'm not starting in November.

Sam's mom-- Ringwood gloves (75% done!)
Sam's dog #1--
Sam's dog #2--
Sam's dad--Buy something LSU/Saints related
Aneek--Sweater? (may be a bit ambitious, so maybe this. Probably still ambitious)
Sujay--Hat (or a simpler hat)
Tamara-- Endpaper mitts (50% done!)
Madhavi-- Endpaper mitts
Yohance-- Steelers socks (These can be a little late, I think.)
Tia--Stuffed animal of some sort.
Minah--Scarf maybe, so I don't have additional knitting to do (100% done)
Mira (hopefully she won't read this)-- Socks (100% done)