Thursday, January 26, 2012

FO: Sorbetto

Ahh, another FO to show off! Unfortunately, I think the best picture of it is a little image taken during the boy's birthday. Please excuse the hair.

Fabric: 1 yard ($9.50 + ~$1 shipping if you factor in the other stuff I bought, eep!) of Robert Kauffman Organic Voile in bleach white from Sew, Mama Sew!
Notions: white bias tape from JoAnn's, $2
Time to complete: 4 hrs or so?: 1 hour to cut the pattern, 1 hour to cut the top, probably 1 hour to sew, and 1 hour for bias tape
Made for: Me
Size: 8
Mods: I printed the pattern too small, so I only gave 0.5" seams, which made the fitting just right.
Cost: $12.50 (I'd buy this top for $12.50)
Would you make this again? Yes! I'd like to try a different colorful/patterned fabric. I think it's a great top for a beginner like me to try different alterations/variations on.

Here's a sloppy image of the top before I finished placing the bias tape. If I were to make it again, I would probably make a full-bust adjustment of about 0.5"-1", and definitely add to the length. I added bias tape to the bottom to extend the length a bit. I may even nip it in a bit at my natural waist.

As for the only good picture I have of this top, it comes from the boy's birthday.

I surprised him with a cake during our med school class's Christmas party. It's already been over a month since then--that's how late I am with all of these planned posts.

And I got him in the face with some cake!


Proud of my work.

He was trying to get me while he was washing it off.

But he failed, and I got a picture instead. My only good Sorbetto picture is from after his surprise cake-in-the-face birthday song. :)

Happy Thursday!

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