Friday, March 2, 2012

Lusting for a beautiful craft room

Wow, I have been lusting over so many things! I've been listening to quite a few podcasts lately, and there are so many things I have been wanting. Bad girl, Joyatee. I think I will try and save up for these, though.

Do you listen to Round the Twist with Carin? Someone had mentioned the tale about her Kauni sweater on the Ravelry forums back in the fall, and I was intrigued. Poor sweater and poor Carin. Anyway, I've loved the shelving she has for her yarn in the background. Makes me want some. It reminds me of the cabinet I had when I lived in Somerville filled with yarn.

Unfortunately, I organized it much more prettily, but never took a picture of it. Since I've moved, there hasn't been amazing shelving like that already provided in the units I've lived in, so I've been thinking about getting one. I'm kind of stalking Craigslist and may do a makeover on something cheap. Of course, that will have to wait until after boards. In the meantime, isn't this beautiful?

(image credit: Hemnes cabinet from Ikea)

You can see the Hemnes cabinet in action in Ramphastos's craft room. I can't wait to move to decorate my new apartment! Since I will probably be living there for 3+ years without needing to move (hopefully)--this will be longest I have stayed in a single place since I left my parent's home. Decorating will finally seem worth it to me.


If you're still hanging in there, another thing I think I'm getting interested in is.... spinning. Have I ever spun before? Well, I have some wool that I dyed ages ago now with the MITKnit girls. Oh, and I sat and knit during a spinning class being held by the wonderful Ann McCants (one of the first people who amazed me with how intricate knitting can really be.) Yeap--that has been the closest thing to spinning I have ever done. I wish I had taken more advantage of all of the free opportunities I had available to me while I was in Boston. I think I will try to learn how to spin via some local classes or the local spinning guild/group. Any suggestions?

Don't worry, I have definitely been lusting over some spinning wheels. Joy, anyone? (Seems fitting, considering the blog name.)

(image credit: Ashford Joy)


  1. Oh such lovely aspirations! I miss those quaint little built-ins. My apartment also had those and I don't think I ever fully appreciated their charm... or potential as a crafting curio.

    BTW! Funny you should mention spinning. I honestly haven't thought about doing it, but I might like to try it. I have been wanting to go to this place less than 1 hr south of Indy They have good reviews and you can gaze at the sheep while you spin! Perhaps a field trip is in order? After boards, of course...