Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesdays: Stripes!

It's Wednesday again! I didn't get a chance to update last week, so I've had several FOs. Of course that means I have to take good pictures of all of the FOs (I think I have 7 [!] that I need to document.)

Here's my Delancey cardigan. The sleeves are done! Woohoo! I've decided to go ahead and use only the contrasting color for the garter borders/collar, mainly to maximize the use of my yarn. I bought 2 skeins of the red and 5 skeins of the tan color. I broke into both skeins of the red, and only used 2.27 skeins for the tan up to this point. That means I have more than enough tan to make a nice toddler/baby sweater. I have more than enough red for all of the borders, too. I think the full red borders will really pull the sweater together. Oh, and it fits :D

I've also been working on my Girly sweater by Joji Locatelli. I love the cute little weeones stitch markers I'm using for it. There's no recepient in mind, but I'm sure a 4-year old cutie will show up in my life some day. I really wanted to knit this pattern when I saw it, and I had yarn for it (well, for the daughter of a knitter who knows how to handle wool.) By the way, I love Joji Locatelli's patterns! Just like I love Amy Christoffers. Two of my current crushes right now. I have a couple of their stuff in the budding stages of planning.

Oh, and I definitely have more stripes in the trenches. I'm working on some purple and gold Tiger Bootees from 50 Baby Booties to Knit by ZoĆ« Mellor. The patterns in there are absolutely adorable, and I know I'll make many more bootees to come from this book. for the newborn daughter of one of my friends (they're LSU fans). I'll probably make another pair for the boy's LSU fan friends who are expecting. I'm ecstatic that I get to use some of my old stash leftovers!

Finally, I got some Twisted Limone yarn in a destash recently (greedy me didn't want to link that because her yarn is hard to get), and I've already cast on some stripey socks! Guess what? They're LSU-riffic, too! The colors are a bit different in real life. I'm using some Harmony dpns that I bought recently. Turns out one of them basically split in half along the top half (one of the colors of the wood came off) before I even got the needles. I kept trying to knit with it anyway, but the needle kept snagging my yarn. I called up KnitPicks, and they're sending me a replacement right away! What great service! I'm basically improvising for the sock design, but I think I'm going to do an after-thought heel. (Grrr KnitGirllls and Carin!!!) Yeayeayea--that's a piddlee in the background. If I had my signatures in this project, the amount of influence these ladies have on my would be just ridiculous!!! Seriously!!! I have some InSpinKnity blocking wires on the way just because of their review. You may definitely notice some new goodies popping on this blog just because of these women.
(P.S. Congrats to Carin!)

Anyway, I've got exams coming up, so hopefully I won't be twiddling my fingers on here too much. Off to learn about some kidney stuffs!


  1. I love seeing what's on your needles! I have gotten a lot of project ideas from you...I think I'm in love with Girly! and the tiger stripe booties are too cute!
    Good luck with the kidney stuffs!

  2. Thanks!! Isn't Girly adorable?

  3. Your Delancey is gorgeous! I've been curious about this pattern but haven't quite gotten to the point of starting one for myself. Also, I love that you're knitting the Girly sweater without a recipient in mind! I should adopt the same attitude and start doing the same!

    1. Delancey was such a fun knit! The construction was very different and interesting. It helped me really think about the construction of a sweater. I loved that.

      I'm always knitting just for the fun of it. I think I'm a process knitter...