Monday, April 9, 2012

FO: Color Affection

Over spring break, I got a sudden urge to knit through a good bit of my lace weight. I didn't have a pattern in mind, but I wanted to knit something mindless. Unfortunately, I had several odd skeins of lace weight from an impulse purchase a long while ago from KnitPicks. They used to have samplers of their laceweight (something like 5-6 skeins for $25 or so), and I bought 2 samplers. I've been able to use up a decent amount of the yarn considering I had no project in mind, but there's still quite a bit of it left.

Coincidentally, when I heard Kathy Elkins, of the KnitPicks podcast, talking about using up stash yarn with the Color Affection, I immediately realized that was the perfect project for which I had been looking. I had eyed the pattern before, but for some reason I never realized that it's perfect for 3 small skeins of laceweight yarn. It was mostly garter stitch with just enough shaping to pique my interest.

The colors are not  something I would normally throw together at all, but I find myself drawn to its quirkiness. Plus, the 3 colors are colors I individually wear all the time, so it goes with a ton of my wardrobe. My blocking job wasn't excellent, but I wear this shawl all the time. It's just big enough to drape casually and cover a good bit of me/my neck. It's light and airy, but comfy. 

Pattern: Color Affection by Veera Valimaki (ravelled here.)
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Lace in 24199 Pinot (0.8 skeins) and in 24202 Mango (0.64 skeins) and Knit Picks Shadow in 23661 Sunset Heather (0.52 skeins)
Made for: Me
Size: Small/Lace. Didn't measure the FO, but I like the size.
Needles: US size 2.5 (3.00 mm)
Notions: none
Dates: 03.14.12-03.19.12
Cost: ~$15 (yarn cost) + $5.24 (pattern cost) ~= $20.24
Mods: none.

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  1. Like you, I think I go between the two. To me it's creating, the art, and the process as well as the joy of manifesting my love for another with a gift I make. I love knitting and crocheting and yarn!

    Right now I am preparing to move and so I have been plowing through my UFOs to get some done before starting new. (Yes, I am one of those folks who loves to start projects - rather to play with yarn and patterns.)

    Great to find your blog via my favorites Yarn Harlot and Ravelry!