Friday, April 13, 2012

FO: Delancey Cardigan

While I was working on the White Pine Sweater (blogged here), I noticed that Threadpanda was oohing and ahhing over another KAL going on at the Selfish Knitting Sweater KAL group--The Delancey Cardigan.

The construction was so interesting to me--I had to make it!

The color inspiration for this sweater came from a striped sweater that my friend, Minah, bought from the Gap some years ago. I loved the khaki and red combination, and I especially loved the stripes. I had secretly always wanted the same sweater myself. When I ordered the yarn from Webs, I was expecting a much darker khaki/brown color for the MC. I was a little surprised at how light the color ended up being, and the final sweater looks a lot more like the original than I had intended. I don't mind at all because I love the sweater.

The back of the sweater does wing kind of funnily around the butt. I call them the love-handle flaps. It's not very obvious in the pictures, and I'm sure no one will notice them when I'm walking around, but I know they're there!

Anyway, overall-I'm so happy! It was a really quick knit. I took a hiatus in there to knit the sweater, but my detailed note-taking-while-knitting paid off.

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK in 2104 Mushroom (2.27 skeins) and 2134 Sour Cherry (1.42 skeins) purchased from Webs; The yarn turned out to be amazing! I didn't have an experience to write home about when knitting with the yarn, but after washing and blocking, this is such an easy-to-wear sweater! It's an acrylic-wool-nylon blend, and it may be one of my go-to's for baby sweater knitting. I bought way more than I needed, especially since I shortened the sweater quite a bit.
Made for: Me
Size: 41" bust; I got perfect gauge with US size 7's (4.50 mm). I kind of wanted around a 38" bust size for the final pattern, and after seeing the FOs, I thought even the shortened version of the sweater may be too long on me. I decided to take a stab at the pattern by knitting with US size 6's and 41" bust numbers. I ended up getting a perfect fit, so I'm thrilled!!
Needles: US size 6 (4.00 mm)
Notions: 5 buttons purchased from Broad Ripple Knits
Dates: 02.21.12-03.30.12
Cost: $30 (yarn cost) + $3 (pattern cost; Sweatshop of Love discount!) + $4.50 (buttons) = $37.50 (The buttons seem to be the most cost-ineffective part of this pattern!)
-Added a few extra short rows for the collar.
-Knit the whole collar/bands with CC instead of alternating with CC/MC.
-Knit the shorter version of the sweater per instructions on the blog.
-Used only 5 buttons.
-Decreased every 8 rows for the arms instead of every 10 rows because I have short arms and I like sleeves that just barely touch my wrist. After finishing the required decreases for the sleeves, I immediately started the sleeve band.

That's a wrap.
Err... sweater.


  1. It turned out amazing! I'm so glad you found us through Amy's blog and I hope you join us for KAL-ing in the future!

  2. This is a very nice cardi. I love the construction of it as well. It might be on my to-knit list in the future.