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Wardrobe Rehaul: Fall Wardrobe Planning (Part 3)

Yesterday, I talked about where my gaps in my wardrobe were, and how I planned on filling them. Here's another good blog post about building a versatile wardrobe. Today, I'll actually write out my plan! I don't know how much will happen before fall/winter is over, but a girl can try. If a project is numbered, that means I have the pattern + fabric already, so I should really try to make it.

Light-Weight Coats

(image via Sewaholic)
  1. Minoru Jacket in Mint Wool Crepe. I've had the pattern & fabric in my stash for a while. I was shuffling things around, and I realized that the Ivory zipper I bought for the Burgundy Minoru I was planning would go better with this mint-colored stretchy fabric. I bought a matching lining a while ago from Walmart: 5 yards for $1. I know! It's cheap stuff, but I don't trust my sewing skills enough quite yet to use better stuff? Is this a trap? Anyway, I plan to add a front placket to this one to hide the zipper that kind of matches. I'll had front pockets with flaps, and it will be hooded. This will be kind of like the parkas I see everywhere, but it'll be minty.
  2. Minoru Jacket in Burgundy Wool. This one won't have a hood, and it'll have sleeker pockets. I can't figure out if I want the pockets diagonally in the front, or if I want to just hide them in the side seam.
  3. Minoru Jacket in blue cotton twill with orange cotton dot fabric? I don't know how many of these I really need, but since I have the fabric...
I also have Butterick 5393, which looks a lot like the coat that Sonje made in the recent Project Runway episode. A lot of good fitting would be necessary, and I think a Minoru is enough of a challenge for now.

I know I need a new good coat, but I'm not good enough of a sewer yet to tackle it. I'm a beginner-intermediate, and a coat is for advanced sewers! I usually don't care about those silly labels, but coating fabric is expensive! I don't want to spent $50-$100 on coating fabric just to throw it away (along with all of the notions). Plus, it's hard to repurpose fabric, unlike yarn.

Anyway, I have Colette's Lady Grey pattern. What was I thinking? I am too petite for dramatic collars. Wouldn't it be lovely in a teal wool though? Oh, and Sam doesn't like the vintage style. He apparently only dates younger women. At the ripe age of 25, I'm the oldest person he's ever dated! Haha. :) I say whatever in the name of sewing escapades! Though, that is why I ended up with this wardrobe rehaul problem in the first place.

I also have Simplicity 2311, which looks like a really good, versatile coat pattern. I may attempt this in black wool coating. Especially if I don't feel like spending $325 on a coat again.


(image via Colette)

  1. Colette Clovers in black to get fitting issues straightened out (wearable muslin).
  2. Colette Clovers in red, with pretty much all of the modifications Sallie made. How awesome are those pants?
  3. Thurlow trousers in a cheap brown-glittery fashion suiting. I had originally purchased this fabric to make the ubiquitous Vogue 8280, but after seeing Tasia's shorts, I wanted pants out of this fabric. The only problem is that I may need to line these babies, so we'll see. If I decide against this fabric, I'll still use some fabric in the brown color family.

  1. Simplicity 2512 in a bright yellow faille, View B. I think I will need to get some yellow bias tape or use some mustard cotton in my stash for the bias binding. Oh, that's right. I want one like my favorite lady. I have/had (debating on keeping it/donating it) a yellow corded mini that I loved. I think I may replace it in my current size and make it a bit longer to be winter/work appropriate. I wish I could find some mustard gold corduroy, though.
  2. Simplicity 2512 in a black moleskin, View D.
  3. New Look 6030 in a dark purple corduroy, View B. Oh yea, she made one of these, too
  4. New Look 6030 in a chocolate cordless corduroy, View E, kind like this one.
  5. Butterick 5649 in a wine-colored cotton twill, View A. I have some denim that I've planned to make View C with, eventually, too. In fact, I donated my jean skirt for that very reason (and it didn't fit).
I have some old shirts of Sam's that he doesn't want anymore. The fabric is really high quality (it seems like men always shop that way), so I'd love to refashion them into skirts.

Edit: After writing up most of this blog post, I've realized that the following 3 sections defeats the purpose of my reason for culling my wardrobe. These will all be the sugar on top/icing on the cake. I will try not to make these until the projects above are completed. I still need a few cardigans (in white, black, & black--not red, necessarily.)

(image via Grainline Studios)

  1. Grainline Studioes Maritime Shorts in olive green.
  2. Grainline Studioes Maritime Shorts in blue.
  3. Grainline Studioes Maritime Shorts in burgundy/black floral print. Oh wait. It's not summer anymore.
  4. Thurlow shorts in a gray/silver brocade. I had originally  purchased this fabric to make a pencil skirt, but I think some fancy shorts may be cute out of them.
  1. Colette Peony in a white poplin? This may be too much white for the winter. I'd like to make a long-sleeved winter-appropriate version. Colette 2.0 is doing a sewalong for this, so this will encourage me to sew it up!  
  2. Cambie in yellow floral cotton, View B (full skirt). I know it's not summer, but I love the mustard color of this fabric. A pair of tights and a cardigan make it Fall appropriate, right?
  3. Cambie in green dot cotton, View A (A-line skirt). I'm a bit nervous about this much green across my body. I hope I don't look like a lawn or a brown leprechaun. I guess it's prepping for St. Patty's Day 6 months early. Say yeaa!
My roommate suggested I wear wrap dresses because of my body shape. I have a few patterns I'd like to try, but I need to find good fabric first. I have enough of a stash for now, though. Oh yea, I have the perfect yellow gingham for a Lonsdale. I guess I should think about making that, too.

  1. McCall's 6408 in a red jersey, View A. I can see myself wearing this all the time.
  2. Vogue 6866 in a navy double knit, View A. I love me a good shawl-collar, and I know this cozy knit will be worn all the time if I sew it right.
  3. Butterick 5388 in blue or green t-shirt fabric, View A. Again, I like a dramatic neck that stays within the confines of my shoulders (unlike the Lady Grey). The turtleneck is perfect for transitional weathers.
  4. Pendrell Blouse in an Opal Jade voile, view B.
  5. Pendrell Blouse made from an old shirt of Sam's, if there's enough fabric, view B.
  6. Alma Blouse in a black dot cotton, view B's peter pan collar, but view A's sleeves.
  7. Alma Blouse in a jade/white shirting, view C.
I think I'd love some more New Look 6104's. Maybe I should make a Renfrew with some scrap knits, since I have the pattern? Can you tell I'm a Sewaholic-aholic? Her Pendrell was my first "successful" sewing project, so I went a bit crazy. Oh wait. Didn't I say I already had enough tops? Psshh.

Some other items to fill in/round out my wardrobe:
(image via BlueFly)

  1. Tights--Some Falke tights, possibly. My roommate is great at scouring European designer deals, so next time she's buying tights, I'd love to add a few good wool tights to wear with skirts/dresses/fancy shorts to her order to save on shipping. Talk about adding versatility to my wardrobe!
  2. Shoes--I really want some taupe suede laced wedge booties! I have been scouring for some within my price range. These Donald J. Pliner ones are beautiful, but the Toms version are more affordable. I don't like the little toe pleats or the stark-whiteness of the taupe color, though. I may go for the J. Crew version, though the lace is too thick, and it's still about $100 more than I want to pay. I think some black (suede?) booties, and grey leather knee-high boots are in order, too. One at a time, girl.
  3. Accessories--Statement necklaces! I think I'll get an aqua bubble necklace that's everywhere, though a yellow one may go better with my wardrobe. Sam saw one in Chicago and said he didn't like them because they seemed to gaudy. It is a trending thing, though, so I'm okay with spending $20 for fashion's sake. I kind of want a few more accessories though to spice up my wardrobe. I've got some belts and scarves, but I think I need a few bracelets and necklaces. I need to experiment majorly in this department.
Phew! So what do you think? Is my plan doable? I haven't even gotten to all of the knitting I'm planning for this fall. I don't know how much I'm going to do! Let's just say (casually) that it may involve knitting 7 sweaters designed by a certain Argentinian designer. And 2 afghans for friends' recent marriages. What's your plan for knitting/sewing this fall?

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  1. Good luck! Since I don't sew I have no clue how much work this would be.