Wednesday, November 28, 2012

$5 Craigslist Score

As a past time, recently, I've been scrounging Craigslist looking for good crafting-item deals. I always get insanely jealous of those thrifty sewing bloggers who score hundreds of vintage buttons, patterns, notions, or fabric. Well, I think I made out like a bandit yesterday with this haul!

When I saw this ad, I pounced. Who doesn't need an extra seam ripper or scissors? I could not be more excited about everything I got! I know I have a use for every item except a few personalized-with-names patches which I've thrown away. The ziploc bags had a thin, slimy feel to them, but everything inside was fine.

First off, the thread! Those are some often-used colors, yo. Black! White! Light blue (men's shirts)! The khaki green is perfect for hemming--well, green khaki pants. :) I was very impressed with the gold. That's jeans-grade gold thread! I have never really come across jeans thread before, and now I will have to try it the next time I hem my own jeans.

I now have so much thread, I went to JoAnn's and bought a thread rack on sale yesterday, too for $5.32. That's not a bad deal, but it is more expensive than my craigslist find, technically.

Here is all the floss. I used to made friendship bracelets all the time as a child, so I would have loooved this when I was 8. Now it's superfluous, but I have been scheming for a while to do some sashiko embroidery and hang it up in my craft room.

Oh, and here's some 2-inch wide black velcro. I already have a ton of 1" white velcro. Not sure when the black velcro will be used, but it doesn't hurt.

What better way to frame sashiko than embroidery hoops? I actually have another hoop the same size as the green one, so I think a little cluster of embroidery will be very, very cool. I have been casually looking for some embroider hoops for a while now because this embroidery thing has been tossing around in my head as a future craft to-do. They're about $2.50-$7 on sale at JoAnn's in the sizes I was looking for. I figured if I found some on Craigslist, I'd be happy. If I pretend that I spent $2.50 on each of the hoops, the rest of the items in this haul are free! Ahh-happy face.

I didn't really expect to see so many sewing machine feet. This person sews! I haven't tried the feet on my machine to see if they work, but I definitely don't have a zipper foot, and I think that's a free-motion quilting foot, there, too! I hope these fit in the machine. Eep!

Finally, I really didn't expect to see much in terms of needles. I already have a pretty huge selection of hand-sewing needles. Of course, I didn't really realize that this person was a machine sewer. There are several sewing machine needles! Wooooot! I have some, but I've been buying as needed. I really only have a selection on the finer needle sizes, and a few of the projects I've been meaning to start soon need heavier needles. This sewer was a heavy fabric sewer--jeans gold-colored thread and heavy duty needles.

Needless to say [Isn't it funny how "needless" is spelled like the plural of "needle" with an extra "s"?], I was really happy with my Craigslist find. Have you found a good "Black Friday" sale?

P.S. This is officially my 100th post! How exciting!

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