Thursday, November 29, 2012

FO: Alma Blouse

I have a slew of blog posts I have been meaning to publish for a while now. I guess better late than never!

When I first saw Sewaholic's Alma blouse, I wasn't in love. The notched collar version was not my cup of tea. It reminded me of this old-school style of Bengali outfits. But, after seeing Lauren's (version 1, version 2) & Molly's (version 1, version 2versions--I wanted one of my own.

Yea-I copied Molly's quite a bit with the polka-dotted, long-sleeved thing going on.

-cut size 10
-cut size 8 for collar
-shortened sleeves, front and back by 3 inches
-shorted lower half of darts by additional 1 inch

Since this was kind of the muslin, I realized that I desparately needed a full-bust adjustment. On my second Alma, I did an FBA, and I wear that one all the time.

I had a really difficult time understanding the button placket instructions. I didn't even know that this was called a placket. I google searched for other long-sleeved Alma pictures, but it was really difficult to tell what was going on in the sleeve area. I figured it out after a few tries. Hopefully this picture helps.

But I totally messed up--some how the button placets are facing the wrong way. Doh! I do love the buttons I got.

Nice back fat action. Oh and I had major sleeve issues. The first sleeve I cut out was way too small (I think I cut 8's for some reason). These sleeves are still a bit tight. See those creases in the armpit?

Jade Green/White Sateen Shirting, 2.5 yds @ $3.95/yd = $9.87+ $1.79 shipping = $11.66
Buttons: $1.34 from JoAnn's (used 50% off both sets of buttons to basically get 1 set free)
Pattern: $16.46/2 = $8.23
$3 for up-keeping costs (thread, machine wear-and-tear, supplies)
Total = $24.23 (Not shabby; sewing is definitely more affordably cost-effective than knitting)

Happy Thursday!

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