Thursday, March 21, 2013

FO: Butterick 5474, a.k.a. I made an apron, y'all!

One of my close friends had her birthday yesterday, so I wanted to make something for her. She loves baking and her favorite color is lime green, so I thought an apron made out of fabric from the stash would be a fitting way to treat her. Yes, I modeled all of the pictures wearing the apron myself. I didn't get the courage to make her pose for an hour-long glamour shot photo session for my little ole blog. Maybe she would have agreed. I just figured y'all would want to see me acting a fool instead. 

I made Butterick 5474, View B, with all of its ruffled and halter-top glory. 

I went ahead a made a medium size because my friend is tall, but she probably could have fit into a small size. The bust is all kinds of flappy wonky on me. Perhaps it will fit her better.

I was trying to show y'all the pockets, but it was windy. The wind almost knocked me over!

Ahh. That's better. Snazzy pockets, yo.

Looks as good from the back, eh? Ha! The Man offered to help me tie the apron but then I discovered he doesn't know how to tie a bow. He just ties his shoelaces. How is that different? I don't get it. Now I understand why he avoids laced shoes, though. He can't draw a 5-pointed star, either. Hopefully our kids would get the average of our creativities, not just his.

I won't post the usual deets about cost and such here because this friend may stumble across this post. I will say I think the cost was totally worth the fabulosity! Maybe I should have made some oven mitts for her, though. That probably would have been more practical...