Saturday, March 30, 2013

FO: Macaron

Note: I am so behind on posting several of my sewing projects from the fall. Over the next few weeks, I will try to have complete posts about them before I continue with the rest of the more recent FOs.

Have you ever finished a project, and all of a sudden feel all grown up in your craft? The Colette Macaron did that for me.

I finally felt like I had sewn something sufficiently complicated and executed the project so that it was wearable that I had grown up as a sewer. Now, since I've finished this project, I have to admit--I've felt that way several times after other projects. Now, almost every new project feels like an amazing learning experience, and I use it to improve my techniques and finishing. 

However, this one made me just go, aha! I can sew!

I made several adjustments as I went (instead of fixing them in the pattern before cutting it out, because I did not quite realize I could do this yet). Because of my sway back (which I was oblivious of at the time), the join between the main fabric and contrast fabric poofed out terrible. I pinned and seed out in the transition of the colors to fit my back. Turns out, the way I pinned the fabric out was a perfect swayback adjustment.

I also had to adjust the waist a bit. I was thicker than I though, so I just chopped off the top inch or two from the top of the bottom half before inserting it into the waistband. That did the trick on top of shortening the dress sufficiently. I did not sacrifice the pockets, though!

I made this dress with the intention of wearing it to a wedding, but I never finished it in time. I do wear it decently often when the occasion arises. The Man said that it had a distinct 1950's vibe to it. Well, that makes sense since it is a Colette pattern, after all. I'd sum up Sarai's style as vintage with a modern twist.

Regardless, I'm so happy with it! Look at those sleeves!

Pattern: Colette Macaron, $18.50
Fabric: 2 yds of Stretch Cotton Poplin in Sand from @ $3.49/yd = $6.15 (sale discount)
2.5 yds of Pimatex Cotton Poplin in Buff from @ $3.49/yd = $7.68 (sale discount)
Zipper: $2
Sewing Maintenance: $3
Total Cost: $37.33

and Pockets!!

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