Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FO: Election Day Obnoxious Sorbetto

Note: This post is the last of my Fall sewing FOs. We shall continue with our regularly scheduled posting after this episode, a.k.a. catch up with all of my Spring sewing FOs.

Sometime in September, I was walking around JoAnn's, and I stumbled across this glaring ostentatiously political print. It was the before election season hype, but after the 4th of July, so it was some percentage off on sale. I used to have no understanding of yardages back then, so I just asked for 3/4 yds of this 44" cotton broadcloth. I thought I could make an obnoxious Sorbetto for myself. I had already made one previously, and I was very happy with the result. It was fast project with fun results.

I took another stab at it. I bought some bias tape, and since I needed some buttons for my New Look 1604, I decided to embellish this one with some buttons in the same color family. (Note, all patriotic prints were on sale then, so I got the polkadots on sale, too.)

I didn't have enough fabric to make a center fold, as called for in the pattern, so I decided to do my own thing. I drafted a center placket out of some mysterious blue (not a cotton) in my stash, and used the button-hole setting on my machine to applique the placket. It wasn't perfectly centered, but you have to be looking pretty close to my chest to see that. I'd be surprised if someone was doing that because the print is so distracting!

The whole project took me 2.5 hours from start to finish. I'm getting faster! Of course, simple double-folded bias binding help tremendously because I didn't have to cut, press, and sew (multiple times) each of the facings.

Sorry for the unflattering shot + the gratuitous tank-top flash! I just wanted to show you guys the back.

I ended up wearing this blushingly on Election Day, and that's it. I wore a ginormous sweater on top so no one could see it, but it was my little secret that I'm now sharing with the world. Sigh. If you're not politically inclined this way, don't worry! JoAnn's had prints with some other political affliations, as well! You could make a matching or contrasting Sorbetto for yourself!


Pattern: Colette Sorbetto, version 2 (My first version is blogged here.)
Fabric: .75 yds from JoAnn's : @$4.79/yd = $3.59
Buttons: from JoAnn's = $1.35 (w/ 40% off coupon; regularly $2.25)
Bias Tape: A little over 3 yds from JoAnn's = $1.99
Total Cost (inc. 7% tax) =  $7.42

Not bad. :)


  1. Cute...I love the fabric. I'd like to get it to make a bucket hat!!!

    1. Thanks! JoAnn's still might have some. I think they came in stock around of 4th of July. You should check them out!

  2. Nice adaptation with less yardage, and very cute top!