Tuesday, April 16, 2013

FO: Simplicity 1804

I lived in the Boston area for 5 years. Every Patriot's Day, the city would be abuzz with excitement for the Boston Marathon. My heart goes out to everyone there during this very sad moment in history. Let's make sure we all try to do our part in doing good for this world. Please, be safe.

I finally forrayed into knit-wear!

I apologize for all of the pictures. I look like I'm sleeping or partied to hard the night before I took these pictures. The reality is probably a little combination of both, lol!

I bought this rayon jersey from Fabric.com in 2011. The fabric is very light and seemed a tiny bit see-through, so I didn't get to make the dress I had originally planned on making. I think this turned out surprisingly well, though.

I didn't hem the bottom or the sleeves because the fabric didn't unravel and I honestly felt done with the project before hemming. The neck facing was surprisingly delightful, even though it was a knit fabric and the neckline is a skoosh too low for everyday-appropriateness.

One noticeably big problem I have with the pattern, though, is the waist twist. The pattern calls to tack it down at the "waistline". The "waistline" sits at the bust, so when I tack the waist twist there, I look unfortunately pregnant.

Zoe was starting to make maternity wear like crazy since she found out about her great news. I guess I just got a waaaaaaay head start. :) I still might be rocking this one during the summer because it's oh so light!

Pattern: Simplicity 1804, View C length & View A bodice, $1.07
Fabric: 3 yds (used about 2?) of rayon jersey from Fabric.com@ $4.89/yd = $10.93 (about 25% off sale!)
Notions: 1/4" elastic $0.28/yd ~ 2 = $0.56
Sewing Maintenance: $5
Total: $17.56


  1. You are a braver woman than I am. I'm still too nervous to venture into the world of knits.... But I so want to. Beautiful dress! And, I LOVE your shoes.

  2. Most times I think knits are easier than wovens, as long as I have my serger and my twin needle for hemming. Lovely dress!

    1. You know, I think I need to get my twin needle out for the hemming & make some more knits!

  3. Hi, I saw your comment on my blog and came over to check yours out. I love this dress, it is so pretty.

  4. This is super, SUPER cute!!!

  5. Hi there,
    I am trying to make this dress but I'm confused as to how to add the elastic to the waistline. Do you have any tips? I think I just misunderstood the directions:/.

    1. Hi,

      I just went for it, using a zig-zag stitch on top of the elastic & slightly stretching the elastic as I sewed on top of it. In reality, the elastic did not really help much other than adding stability to my dress's waistline. I just tried to make sure I didn't use too much elastic because instead of shrinking everything in, it actually stretches everything out a lot. I'm not sure if that's much help, but maybe you could look for some online tutorials on how to add elastic. Here's what a google search brought up:


      Hope that helps!