Thursday, April 25, 2013

FO: Vogue 8749, a.k.a. UGH!

The face says it all (and it was a candid shot). Have you read Cation Design's recent post about Stop Blogging Your Perfect Sewing Life? This is one of those skirts where I had high hopes. I wanted something gorgeous and quirky. Something like the wonderful circle skirt creations of the lovely Lladybird. Instead I got a big bunch of UGH! Okay, I wasn't exactly dressing this skirt up, either. Dudes/dudettes--I most definitely do not have a perfect sewing life.

Please excuse the pictures. This is how I look most days after I come back from work. Nicer pictures of me on this blog are basically weekend pictures. I even forgot to put on shoes that could have stepped this outfit up more. When the Man went "Ugh! I'm not taking pictures of that hot mess" as soon as I put on the skirt, I knew I was in trouble. 

At least my plaid matching was pretty darned good!

I think what this skirt is missing is some horeshair braid along the hem to help make it more circly, and maybe some lining. I have some in my stash. If I ever get the courage to face the ugh-acrylic fabric again, I may try this out again.

But there are some snazzy pockets if I ever do wear this skirt.

Every picture the Man did not immediately delete after I convinced him to take some shots were horridly unflattering. This lone picture of my caboose kind of hints at why this skirt was such an ugh! It makes the love handles look... loverly, a.k.a. humongous! Oh, and my butt looks even flatter than ever, too. How does it manage to add a ton of width to parts I would like to hide and very little width to places I would like to enhance?

Have you seen Tilly on the Great British Sewing Bee? On the first episode, the judges critique her lovely skirt my mentioning that her pockets distorted the shape of her A-line skirt. I have a sneaking suspicion that's part of my problem.

Oh well, I'm still stupendously proud of my first attempt at plaid matching. Oh, and I just serged the edge instead of proper hemming because I was so mad at it. 

Fabric: $4.18 (1.5 yds of plaid acrylic from @ $2.79/yd)--Lesson: Don't buy cheap fabric!! Oh gosh darn it. I just bought a bunch of $1/yd fabric from Wal-Mart.
Pocket: $2.87 (Crafty Cuts Fabrics Solid in Christmas Red; used some for McCall's 6027; still have leftovers)
Zipper: $1.18 from
Pattern: $4.60
Sewing Maintenance: $5
Total: $17.83


  1. The plaid is cute and you kicked behind on matching! You're a braver woman than I. I have to admire the cute full skirts from afar and will never attempt another.

    Oooooh. I should blog about my gigantic green skirt FAIL. LOL!

    1. You know, sometimes sewing fails are just as insteresting as sewing successses!

  2. I am impressed with your plaid matching!
    I know you gotta feel good in what you are wearing, but I think this might grow on you! I think it's a whole lot better than you think it is! However, I do think the process and style was a good "process" teacher!
    Love the kick of colour in the pocket!


  3. May I? Ma'am- your matching is lovely and you need to give this one another chance- perhaps a top that has less length or tucks in, to show off the smoothness of the circle shape at the waist? Sometimes a good try-on marathon of a bunch of shapes helps me like something better than I had. It's nicely done!

    1. Awe-you're too sweet! Maybe I should give it another go, but so far, it hasn't been so great. Mind you--these pictures were very carefully selected to be the most flattering.