Thursday, May 9, 2013

FO: New Look 6107

I needed another skirt for clinic, so I wanted to make a wool houndstooth pencil skirt. I was going for an Erika B. look, but I just do not live up to her level of fabulosity!

Unfortunately, all of the pictures are taken after a full day of work, and boy do I look it!

The skirt did not do a bad job of holding up to all of the bending, walking around, and general wear and tear I put on daily-work clothes (a.k.a. not much--ha!)

I put in a lining, using a few tutorials. A Fashionable Stitch's series on pencil skirts, especially the back vent lining part was invaluable. This experiment produced a few questions for me:
1. What exactly is the purpose of all linings? Sometimes, I think it's because the garment would be too see through. Sometimes, it seems as if it's to help the garment hang better. Sometimes, I think it's to help give the garment a nice weight. Any other suggestions?
2. How does one best hem a lining versus a skirt? I just sewed my lining into the skirt. Is this what should be done or are you supposed to hem them separately? I guess this answer has something to do with Question #1.


I made View D of New Look 6107. I still need to make the adorable top that comes with it, which is what I originally bought the pattern for. However, I wanted a pencil skirt, and after trolling around pattern review, I realized I had one in my stash all along.

I also made a lapped zipper, but I think I lapped it too much. Thanks to Retha's suggestion, I used the Noodle-Head Tutorial and looked into the Vicki Kate Makes tutorial for future reference.

So the mods to this thing are:

1. Cut an 18 at waist; almost 16 at hip; graded down to 14 at knees. This ended up being too big, so I went down a size at each step for the next one. (There was a 2nd one!)
2. Decreased length by 2 inches

For future reference:
I should actually start sewing the lining to zippers.
The lining was way too static-y!
The waist was very uneven! My shoddy sewing skills definitely need improvement in this area.

Overall, the skirt does the job and got compliments, though it wasn't my favorite make thus far.

The Cost:
Zipper: $1.27
Lining: $0.80 (Feels like Bemberg Rayon) from Craigslist awesomeness
Fabric: $4.49*7/8= $3.93 from
Pattern: Approx $4.27
Sewing Maintenance: $5
Total: $16.95

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