Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FO: Simplicity 2215-- Neener Neener, I'm a complete Copy-Cat; Blue/Green Chevron Skirt

Okay, I admit it. I'm a big, fat CHEATER. I'm not very creative or original. I'm just a copy-catter all the way. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

You all probably know how obsessed I am with Andrea of Four Square Walls, already. Well, when I saw this skirt on her blog, I just absolutely had to have it right away!

I went to DenverFabrics to buy the fabric, but I stopped because I just didn't really want to be a copy cat quite yet. Well, fast forward approximately a year, and I spotted 1.5 yards of this stuff on sale in the discount section when I was ordering some fabric that I actually needed (uhh... well, mostly). I decided it was just fate that I had to buy it.

And then I even had Simplicity 2215 in my stash to be an even bigger copy-catter. And I'm entirely too lazy to hand sew that hem or even do more than just serge the hem of the lining. But (paragraph filled with horrible sentence structure), I LOVE the weight of this skirt. It's absolutely perfectly flow-y. I just love sashaying around in it all day.

I wasn't so sure how a pleated skirt would look on me, but since the fabric and the lining are both so light, I think it turned out just fine. This shows how I didn't get an invisible zip, nor did I do a lapped zip, nor does the zipper even really match (if you see it in person). That is how I roll, son! However--I totally did put a zipper in right next to a pocket. That makes me pretty baller, if I say so myself.

-My sizing was all approximate, but I think I ended up with a size 16 waistband and a size 14 skirt fullness.
-didn't do button tab
-cut off about 1.5 inches off of skirt length.
-pleated in my own way; the pleats that the pattern was suggesting were cray-cray!
-cut 2 inches shorter than a size 20, but ended up cutting off an extra 2 inches beyond that.
-added a lining; cut the lining in an approximate A-line, so that the top of the skirt pieces were just about 2 inches larger than the waist band. That way, the gathers I put into the top of the lining didn't add unnecessary fullness/weight in an unflattering location.

Here you can see how I tried pleating for the majority of the skirt so that the green chevrons lined up mostly. You can also see how I definitely got some unintentional gathers into that beast, too. If I had planned this out more before cutting the fabric, I would have made all green pleats, but it might have been too full for my taste--perhaps.

Well, I must say--I have a very cute, cheery skirt for this weather!

The Deets:

Zipper: $1 (from this Craigslist find)
Main Fabric: 1.5 yds = $6.50 from DenverFabrics.com
Crepe Lining: 1.5 yds @ $2.39/yd = $3.59 from Fabric.com
Sewing Maintenance: $5
Pattern: $2.13
Total: $18.22

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