Monday, September 9, 2013

Disparate Disciplines Dandelion Top Reveal

Hello sewing mojo! And hello everyone who's made it here from Mari's Dandelion dress & top blog hop.

I am so excited to share the latest design Mari let me test for her amazing sewing pattern line, Disparate Disciplines. The Dandelion Dress and Top looks deceptively simple, and is actually pretty easy to sew up, thanks to her really great illustrations in the instructions.

But my goodness--the lines on this dress/top are sooo cool! Mari is a drafting genius. I loved sewing up her Avacado Hoodie pattern, and this one is no different.

It's super hard to see in the photos that I took, but the design is so cool. I think I'm going to do a color-blocked version sometime to really show off the beautiful lines of the garment. 

Here's a courtesy lop-sided chest shot to show the darts a little more clearly. Please excuse the wrinkliness in all the photos. I wore this around all day before I got a chance to take pictures. I made the top in a rayon challis I bought on a trip to Vogue Fabrics in Chicago. The top is so easy, breezy to wear.

When I sewed up the top, I made no changes to the pattern as it was designed, though usually I need a swayback adjustment and I need to shorten tops. When I was done, I found that I just needed to sew the shoulder seams much deeper in order to fix all of my adjustments.

I didn't end up needing a zipper because I made the garment with about 1" positive ease throughout. I slightly pinched the center seam of the top of the back to help bring the collar in a little better after the shoulder adjustment.

Unfortunately, that one adjustment screwed with the gorgeous neckline that Mari had drafted (View A). I cut the neckline a bit deeper, and I just used some double fold bias tape in my stash to finish off the neckline because I didn't feel like drafting a proper facing. I had just enough bias tape to finish off the bottom so I didn't lose any length on the top, either.

Conclusion: You guys should totally try this sewing fun-ness out. I'm telling you. It's super fun to put together and didn't take much time. Drafting genius-ness.

And check out other people on the blog hop for more Dandelion inspiration!


  1. Hi. I came over from Winnie's blog following the Dandelion Hop. Most of the earlier bloggers were very slender build. As a chubby person I was wondering if a FBA was possible/ necessary for this pattern. You did not do one. I am not familiar with you blog, do you ever do them? Would one be possible.

    1. I saw in one of Joyatee's old posts that she normally does a 1/2" FBA. One thing that might make this pattern a little easier for you to modify is that the bust darts have also been graded. So, the smaller sizes accommodate smaller busts while the larger sizes accommodate larger busts instead of all the sizes only working for one bra cup size.

    2. I do need about a 1/2" FBA most of the time (which is why I sometimes don't bother), but I didn't really feel like I needed extra room in this pattern. I didn't do an FBA, and the pattern is a little tricky (for me at least) to manage an FBA. I think Mari may be better at answering how to do that. For now, I would just grade the pattern to be a certain size for the bust/waist/hips, but naturally, that doesn't work for everyone.

      Hope that helps a bit.

  2. Great blouse! I really like this pattern as a dress. It's nice to see that it's so versatile!

  3. This top has such a fun print and contrasting bias.