Thursday, September 12, 2013

FO: Scout Woven Tee

There are so many things that I sewed up at the beginning of the summer that I never got around to blogging. I'll try and remediate that situation bit-by-bit.

First up is the Scout Woven Tee. I won a giftcard for Grainline Studios from Michelle's blog back in March. (Michelle totally just made one of these tops, too.) There were several things I wanted to make from that design company, so I quickly bought the Scout Woven Tee and Tiny Pocket Tank. I really need to get around to making the Moss Mini and Maritime Shorts, but uh... I guess the summer is closing soon, huh?


I used some really cheap $1/yard fabric from WalMart. This fabric is bad. It's sticky. Real bad.

But the drape is actually pretty good, and the shape of the top lets lots of air through, so I actually wore this top a ton this summer.


The pattern uses surprisingly more fabric than I would guess. I used just over 1.5 yards of fabric, and I don't remember the width of the fabric anymore.

I mostly liked the fit of the garment. I cut a size 12 for the sides and a size 8 for the neck/armholes. I do think I need a little more shape to accentuate my waist though. The most time consuming (and fabric consuming) part was making the bias tape for this top.


Overall, this was a quick top to make, and I may return to it again for a fast sewing fix.

2.5 yards (used only 1.5) $2.68
pattern: free
sewing maintenance: $5
Total: $7.68

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  1. Sticky fabric?!? That's a new one to me. :-D It looks really great. This shirt is completely breezy and comfortable to wear. I had a hard time adjusting to the lack of shape at first too. But, I'm more accustomed to a slimmer/form fitting type garment. So glad you were able to grab some goodies from Jen's shop! I have a pair of maritime's sitting in my WIP pile- we are having a disagreement at the moment. The weather is shifting quick, so hopefully I can get them finished before it's too late to wear them.