Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PL Tuesdays: Week 35

Okay. I know most of you expect a sewing/knitting blog. But dudes. I am in love with Project Life. I did a much better job of actually color-coordinating this week (and sticking to a green/orange scheme). I noticed that I had a mustard cardigan on in two pictures and yellow sandals in one, a friend was wearing a yellow dress, and a board game we were playing on was orange. Then I picked up the fact that I was wearing a green dress in a few places and a friend was wearing a green t-shirt. Orange and green seemed like the perfect combo to play around with.

This week was actually pretty representative of a normal week for me, but I did have a few more extra events than usual. I really love being able to look at a layout and getting a snapshot of what the week was like. I was a little short on pictures this week, though, so it was a perfect opportunity to play around with some filler cards.

I loved playing around with some techniques I've seen on other blogs. I've seen a lot of people embellish the lens of cameras they use as decoration. I used some sequins to make a flashy lens to the camera sticker I had from a 12 x 12 sticker sheet set. The amperstand woodgrain was from Two Peas in a Bucket, and I used the green background from the card from last week. It worked out perfectly. I added a piece of yellow flair to a sunshine card from the summertime Mambi pocket pages kit. I was a little unsure of what to do with the Monday-Friday Studio Calico card, and then I saw someone highlight the day of the week pertaining to the content of that particular card on a blog. Duh! I also stole the idea of outlining some cards with a thin black line from Mercy Tiara.

I played around with tons of different kinds of cards. I used some Studio Calico kit cards and some Mambi cards. I have been amassing Project Life stuffs at a ridiculous rate. I'm trying to slow down and use them up by scrapbooking old stuffs project life style.

I tried remembering adding various layers of embellishments. Labels are a necessity. Stickers are the easiest. Washi tapes are great for "grounding" a card. Enamel dots, wood veneers, flair, paperclips, and sequins add a bit of oomph, and I finish everything off with a bit of stamping. I think I may invest in some more stamp inks. That, of course, means amassing more Project Life stuff. Ah-the cycle of stashing/destashing!


  1. Aww, knit night! I miss everyone's faces

    Molly : )

    1. And we miss you!! You should totally come down early enough for a knit night at some point :)

      It's funny you mention that because apparently my knitting lunch group in Boston was saying I should join them at some point :)